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The World’s Six Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are a magical stone that can demand high figures of money to be paid for them. Check out the worlds six most expensive diamond jewelry pieces right here.

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6. Heart of the Kingdom Ruby - £8,750,000

The heart of the kingdom is a spectacular ruby mounted on a necklace. It has a massive 40.63 carats. What’s it worth? A whopping £8,750,000 and is currently in Garrard’s possession. It is an extremely rare form of ruby which is why another reason for the hefty price tag is.

5. Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring - £9,825,000

This ring is made up of two diamond stones that are cut in an unusual triangle shape. The blue diamond is 10.95 carats and the second diamond is 9.87 carats. It was made in 1972 with the weight and clarity being checked by the GIA one of the main gemological laboratories issuing certificates for diamonds. Its current value is a huge £9,825,000.

4. Heart of the Ocean Diamond - £12,500,000

Does this one look familiar? Well if you’ve seen Titanic then that’s why. It’s a mock-up of the necklace that was featured in the movie. It was created by Harry Winston and is a lovely 15 carat blue diamond worth a staggering £12,500,000. The Titanic cost around £5,000,000 to build in 1912, taking into account inflation that’s £110,000,000, meaning this diamond necklace is worth around 10% of the Titanic!

3. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond - £15,000,000

The Wittelsbach-Graff diamond is from the Indian Kingdom in Golkonda. Laurence Graff purchased it in 2008 and cut the diamond into three to make it flawless diamond stone. It is 4 carats and worth a mega £15,000,000.

2. Diamond Bikini - £18,750,000

Yes this is real, a £18,750,000 diamond bikini. It is the most expensive bikini in the world by a longshot, and nearly the most expensive piece of jewellery. With well over 150 carat diamonds all presented in a platinum setting, there is no wonder this beauty gets so much attention.

1. The Graff Pink - £28,850,000

This pink beauty is an extremely rare 24.78 carat pink diamond. It is currently owned by Laurence Graff and is known worldwide as the greatest diamond known in existence to and with a price tag to suit of £28,850,000.