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BuzzFeeders React To "The Choice" Trailer

Thirst ensued.

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OK, so first watch this trailer for Nicholas Sparks's new sweeping romance The Choice, starring Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer.

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Stirring up some pretty strong emotions, right? Same. We showed it to our staff, and this is what they had to say.

They were thirsty for the gorgeous North Carolina setting.

Ryan: I will legit move to anywhere that has wavy beach grass where I can think deeply about, like, stuff.

Eileen: Does this location actually exist? I bet it's Canada. Looks like Canada.

Eric: Actually, fun tidbit, Nicholas Sparks movies are set inside oil paintings.

Justin: This looks nothing like where I grew up...which makes me like it.

They similarly thirsted after Benjamin Walker's toned physique.


Ryan: Hello from the other side, PECS.

Edwin: Why is she surprised that he's shirtless? It's the middle of the night and you live in a humid climate.

Lyla: Have mercy. Look at the northern parts of his Southern body.

Some flirting techniques left them torn between cute and cake.

Ben: Boom. Cake in the face. HOPEFULLY HE'S NOT ALLERGIC TO CAKE.

Lyla: This is a horrible waste of cake, but I guess if they need to do this to fall in love, then fine. Ruin the cake. Get cake in your pores.

Eric: I don't know. It is kind of the most delicious form of flirtation. You know she likes you AND you get a bunch of chocolate frosting at the same time. I'm on board.

While other flirting approaches left them pondering the strength of their willpower.

Eric: Wow. That is a strong play by Travis.

Ryan: Do you think he means like in general he's never been told "no"? Like, could he ask a stranger to use their cell phone and they would ALWAYS say yes?

Hannah: Is there anything that man would ask you for that you WOULDN'T say yes to?

Ryan: I mean, nothing comes to mind.

They were lured in by the puppies, obvs.

Ryan: OMG is the dog a central character? No, just a device. Good. Love me a good dog device.

Justin: I have a feeling these dog babies are gonna lead to people babies, eventually.

Ben: OK, so this guy has a motorcycle, a boat, sideburns, and his dog gave her dog puppies. There's no way they don't end up together.

Jo: Is this a Nicholas Sparks movie with puppies as a PLOT POINT?! That's like taking cheeseburgers and somehow making them MORE delicious.

They notice plenty of onscreen thirst as well.

Hannah: That girl is SHREDDED. I know they eat a lot of BBQ in North Carolina too. I hope there's a scene in this movie that's just her abs workout.

Eric: Haha. The dog is like, "Hey, man, don't look at me. She's hot."

Ryan: This makes me want to go boating. Do you guys want to go boating after this? I'm being serious.

They were intrigued by the love triangle dynamic.

Kirk: This boyfriend is guaranteed NOT to be "the choice" she makes by the end.

Hannah: Too many guys in love with her, too many puppies to cuddle, a surplus of cake. Her life > my life.

Justin: Whaaaaat?! She has a BOYFRIEND?! WHY MUST LOVE BE SO CRUEL?!

Ryan: Um, that was not a "let's get to know each other and maybe become pals" kind of "hi." That was more of a "your GF is my soulmate" kind of "hi."

Jo: So awkward RN.

And they were VERY intrigued when the REAL DRAMA struck!


Ben: February release! Happy Galentines' Day to all my gals who have boyfriends but will ditch them to see this with me.

Lyla: This is why you bring the tissue box to the Nicholas Sparks movies. A friend you can cry in front of and a tissue box.

They were uniformly devastated by the tragic turns of events.

Ben: Oh, the deathbed scene. Even when you see it coming, it gets to you.

Eileen: Why do you do this to us, Nicholas Sparks? Don't you love us?


Eric: What about my choice not to CRY IN FRONT OF MY DATE, SPARKS?!

Ryan: The real "choice" is whether I'm seeing this wine-drunk or marg-drunk.

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