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    31 Things Under $40 From Target That’ll Bring A Little Cheer To Your Day-To-Day

    Add some fun to your daily routines with these products.

    1. A Spoonful of Faith journal to remind you daily that every kind of woman is beautiful. Who wouldn't want to jot down their thoughts in this?

    Cream journal with pink, orange, blue and yellow details

    2. A floral silk scarf that'll add a dose of cheer to your daily 'fit. Wear it like a headband, around your neck or bandana-style.

    Yellow, green, orange and purple scarf

    3. The Chosen I Have Called You by Name, by NYT bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins, because it's full of inspiring and relatable characters, and since it's a hardcover book, you never have to worry about the pages curling.

    Black and white and turquoise book cover

    4. A pack of velvet scrunchies great for all hair types. It's a simple way to dress up a simple tee and shorts, and since it's velvet, it'll add a bit of elegance as well.

    Brown, mauve and tan scrunchies

    5. A Back to the Future shirt, because a dose of your favorite '80s flick will always brighten your day! And it's printed with eco-friendly ink so that's just a win-win.

    Black, orange and blue shirt with marty mcfly on the front

    6. A frame seascape canvas to give any room a dose of color and character. The cherry on top? It was created in collaboration with Minted's independent artist community.

    Blue tan and black art

    7. An Opal three-wick candle with notes of passion fruit and amber. It'll burn for up to 20 hours and *light* up any space.

    Pale orange candle with three cream colored wicks

    8. A bottle of Joon X Moon champagne bubble bath that'll make your Sunday afternoon dips all the more relaxing. It has citrus and floral notes, and is paraben-, sulfate- and cruelty-free.

    The bath powder

    9. A Threshold x Studio McGee hanging basket of artificial lilacs so your home can have flowers all year round. The basket has a handle for easy hanging.

    Tan basket with white flowers and green leaves

    10. A Hearth & Hand color-block lumbar pillow with pompoms — it'll add texture and dimension to your space and it's just fun to look at.

    Mustard and white lumber pillow

    11. A pair of pastel block heel pumps, because who wouldn't want to wear these every day?! The perfect spring accessory, these espadrilles just scream "spring."

    Yellow pastel block heels with brown heels

    12. A pack of Pixar socks so you can rock Disney magic all week long. I always save my favorite socks for days that I'm excited about and it just makes them so much more ~magical~.

    Disney socks in all colors of the rainbow

    13. A stainless-steel tumbler that'll let you drink your morning coffee in style. The lid is splash resistant, and don't worry if you're clumsy because Ello has a lifetime guarantee.

    Aqua tumblr with clear lid and transparent gray straw

    14. A set of rainbow mixing bowls to make baking your favorite cookies even more fun. They're dishwasher-safe and nest together so they don't take up too much room.

    Rainbow mixing bowls

    15. A six-cube organizer for some unexpected color. Perfect for displaying your favorite books, stuffed animals, or plants!

    Turquoise cubes

    16. A "sharing size" pack of pink Starbursts to bring with you to work, to school, or anywhere really because pink is the best and I won't be discussing it.

    Pink starbursts in a pink basket with strawberries

    17. A white and rainbow mug to remind your favorite person that they are, in fact, your favorite. The stoneware, sturdy construction means you can use this cheery mug for a long time to come!

    White and rainbow mug with pale blue inside

    18. An aqua tea kettle that'll heat up water for your afternoon tea with ease. Since it has a no-heat handle, you don't have to worry about burning your palm. Tea cakes, anyone?

    Aqua tea kettle with black and stainless steel details

    19. A bottle of nail polish because even the smallest bit of your favorite color can brighten your whole day! It's got oils and vitamins to keep your nails healthy, not to mention it's vegan.

    Pink nail polish

    20. A tub of grapefruit and red ginger lotion for a plant-based moisturizing option. It's paraben-free, cruelty-free and makes for a great Treat Yourself Thursday.

    Grapefruit lotion with orange and red details

    21. A pack of Amie soft and smooth cleansing wipes that are a dermatologist-approved option for removing makeup. They'll hydrate and condition with vitamin B5, and honestly, nothing feels better than taking off your makeup.

    Lavender and gold pack of face wipes

    22. Little Women: The Official Movie Companion, a guide to the making of the major motion picture, so that you can cry over Laurie and Jo every night. I love my copy — it's got so many behind the scenes details!

    Purple and blue toned cover of the movie companion

    23. A 24-pack of Sharpie markers to make your notes much more colorful. Use to the two-in-one tip to color code your assignments or highlight birthdays. Whatever floats your boat.

    Model uses a periwinkle blue marker to highlight their notes

    24. A stuffed narwhal, because you deserve to see this friendly face after a long day of work. The ultra plush fabric makes her extra cuddly, and it's surface washable.

    Light blue narwhal with gold horn

    25. A pair of Wild Fable square crystal sunglasses that'll add glam to every outfit — even sweatpants. Since the frames are plastic, you don't have to worry about them breaking easily.

    Model wears pink sunglasses with pink outfit

    26. A box of 10 RXBAR chocolate sea salt protein bars so you can fuel your day with something wonderful: chocolate. It's gluten-free and has no added sugar.

    Model holds black and white RXBAR

    27. A portable Bluetooth speaker with a loop and a water-resistant construction. Perfect for days by the pool or a picnic! And good news: it's compatible with both Apple and Android.

    Green portable speaker

    28. A curtain string of twinkle lights to bring some detail to your bed, especially if you don't have room for a headboard. Hang hooks are included and it's got eight light modes.

    Cool white/blue lights in gray and blue bedroom

    29. A Threshold bath towel set because they are the softest towels I have ever owned and you must try them. They'll make your baths so much nicer and they're super absorbent.

    Green towels in a white bathroom

    30. A pair of suede slippers for walking the dog or grabbing the mail. They're great for indoor and outdoor use and the fleecy lining is great for when your toes are cold.

    Dark chestnut slippers

    31. A faux fur throw blanket so you can add some color and comfort to your space at the same time. It's got a reversible design and minimal enough to go with lots of different decor.

    Pink faux fur blanket