This Woman Posted Her Reading Habits And TikTokers Lost Their Minds

    You've never read quite like this.

    Classics student Esme (@bookswithsmee) recently went viral on TikTok when she made a series of videos titled "My Book Habits That Make Others Uncomfortable."*

    *Habits including but not limited to: using the pages as a coaster, ripping corners, and intentionally cracking paperback spines.

    Needless to say, book readers everywhere lost their minds.

    TikTok comments on the video

    When asked why she had developed these habits, Esme said in a follow-up video, "I annotate books because I like reviewing books (I do it on my Instagram), and this makes it easier to go back and review a book, I think."

    TikTok of annotating book

    In response to the confusion over the to-do lists, she said, "Reading is my main form of procrastination, and if I put a to-do list on the front, I have to check everything off on the to-do list before I'm allowed to read the book, so this holds me accountable."

    TikTok of making to-do list on blue book

    Oh, she also showers with her books. This actually sounded like something I would do, so I tried it. I can confirm that it's very relaxing.

    TikTok of showering with book

    Esme even made a tutorial for showering with your books.

    You can follow Esme's bookstagram here. Happy reading!