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    30 Things From Amazon For Your Pet That You Probably Won’t Regret Buying

    Thanks to items like a treat tote and a travel bed, your pet will be just as happy as you!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of 60 natural chicken Pill Pockets so you can give your dog a treat and their medicine at the same time, mess-free.

    2. A treat tote that'll clip on to your pants and let you quickly and easily reward your pup. The drawstring closure offers easy access to treats, and it'll seal to keep up to one cup of treats fresh. You can even use it for small toys or waste bags.

    Amazon customer stands with red and black treat tote clipped to their jeans

    3. A FURminator grooming rake to remove loose hair and prevent tangles and mats in dense fur. The rotating metal teeth will help you care for your pet's undercoat, and the nonslip handle gives you control. Plus, it's guaranteed to work or you get your money back!

    Reviewer's image with the undercoat after grooming

    4. A swivel bin and rake pooper scooper so you can clean up after your pup with ease. It's got a durable, rotating bin and a plastic rake to make pickups more comfortable. It's even got hooks on both sides to secure odor control bags! When you're not using, just snap together and hang.

    Black scooper and rake with a brown plastic bag covering

    5. An airtight pet food storage container for locking moisture out to keep food fresher. It's BPA-free so you don't have to worry about whether the food is safe for your pet to eat, and it's stackable so it doesn't take up a ton of space.

    Reviewer's photo showing three white stacked airtight containers

    6. A travel bed that'll keep your canine comfortable on the road. It's a great pick for the floor or a kennel. Made of soft, water-resistant poly-suede, it's ideal for pets of all sizes.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog laying on the gray and blue bed

    7. A Fun Feeder Slo Bowl so your dog won't scarf their food too fast. It'll naturally improve their digestion and prevent bloating. Works great with dry or wet foods.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog eating out of the purple slo bowl

    8. A portable outdoor shower for keeping your pets squeaky clean with any plastic soda bottle filled with water. It's a great choice for camping, hiking or beach trips.

    Model pours water on her dog with the green portable outdoor shower

    9. A no-spill travel bowl to always keep your pet hydrated. This food-grade silicone dripless bowl will do just that without the mess. The tapered lid reduces splashing and the unique wedge design will keep it flat on the car seat.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog drinking from the blue travel bowl

    10. An Easy Walk Deluxe Dog Harness that'll minimize your dog's pulling by resting on their chest instead of their throat. It's light and breathable while still having quality and durability.

    A reviewer's photo of their golden retriever wearing the gray and blue harness

    11. A safe and long-lasting Dogwood chewable stick for a chew toy that mimics the texture and taste of real wood. It'll help your pup if they're teething, or they just like to chew something up. Since it's made from a blend of natural wood and synthetic materials, it won't splinter or cause oral and intestinal damage.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog with the chewable stick

    12. A seatbelt tether to keep your dog safe in the car. It's got steel hardware and it's strong and durable. It'll click right into the slot and you can switch from car to car as needed. Extend it if your dog needs more room.

    Model dog wearing the black and orange seatbelt tether

    13. A stuffing-free squeaky toy that'll offer safe and squeaky fun without any messy stuffing. The chambers maintain their shape and squeak even if they get punctured. It's a perfect choice for smaller dogs!

    Reviewer's photo of their dog playing with the stuffed monkey

    14. A no-spill and detachable double bowl with automatic water dispenser to keep your pets refreshed, without the mess. The water dispenser offers stable control of the water level and can give your pet two to three days of water. The floating disk keeps the water clean by keeping your pet's mouth hair dry, and the edge strips prevent food and water from leaking out.

    Cat drinks from white double bowl

    15. An organic paw soother for a gentle treatment to protect your puppy's paws against indoor and outdoor conditions. All natural and organic, this balm uses a variety of butters and oils to heal rough, chapped and dry dog paw pads. Each stick is handcrafted with no artificial preservatives or harmful ingredients.

    16. An easy-close pet gate with small pet door that'll let small pets through while keeping others out. This durable steel gate can expand to fit stairways, hallways and doorways, and it's gentle on walls.

    Dog sits behind the white pet gate

    17. A cat tree with hammock bed so your cat will have a place to jump, rest and play. The durable fleece and paper rope will ensure years of use.

    Reviewer's photo of their cat sleeping in the cat tree's hammock

    18. An interactive snuffle mat because why not play with your food? It'll encourage your dog's natural foraging skills, and because they have to sniff out the food, using the snuffle mat for 10 minutes is equivalent to running for an hour.

    Model dog sniffs out his food in the brown and green snuffle mat

    19. A Bissell pet vacuum for all the hair that's made its way into your carpet. It'll remove dirt and hair with its motorized brush tool, and its large bin is easy to empty so you can get rid of pet hair easily. The triple level filtration improves cleaning performance.

    A reviewer's image showing their car seats before and after they've been vacuumed

    20. A cat arch self groomer so your cat can groom, massage and play. The durable bristles will remove excess hair while massaging, and the base gives your cat room to scratch and stretch.

    Reviewer's photo of their cat inside the black grooming arch with a brown base

    21. An airline-approved dog travel bag that'll give you ample storage for everything your pup needs. A variety of pockets, containers and collapsible bowls that hold up to 26 cups of food or water collectively. A great choice for long hikes, camping or the dog-sitter's!

    22. A dog communication doorbell so you'll be able to communicate with your dog better than ever. You don't need wires or batteries, and it's easy to use for dogs of all sizes. You can pick the bell volume and ring tone that best suits your home and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    Reviewer's photo showing their dog ringing the white communication doorbell

    23. A pack of two collapsible dog bowls to keep your pup hydrated on the go. Made with high-quality silicone, these durable bowls will last you many trips. Use the carabiners to clip it to your backpack.

    Reviewer's photo showing their dog drinking from the green collapsible bowl

    24. A pet first aid kit that'll prepare you for any situation. This 100-piece set is made of a nylon fabric perfect for your outdoor adventures.

    Reviewer's photo of the black and orange first aid kit

    25. A UV urine flashlight for finding stains on rugs, carpets and clothes. The UV lights can last 15 years, and it's pocket-sized, meaning you can carry it with you whenever you need it.

    The UV flashlight shows the dog's urine in the bottom photo

    26. An elevated portable pet house so your pet will always have a cozy shelter. The raised cot offers support and comfort, and the large front opening gives them easy access in and out.

    Dog inside the tan and black elevated pet house

    27. A rubber rope knot for dogs who love chew toys. Designed to keep your pup's teeth clean, this toy is made from durable thermoplastic natural rubber. My dog goes through chew toys very quickly, and has had this one for almost a year!

    Reviewer's photo of their dog chewing on the green rope

    28. A calming cat diffuser to protect your pet from stress. The diffuser only contains natural ingredients to calm your pet down, and it'll reduce their aggressive behavior. Effects will last for 30 days.

    Reviewer's photo of the purple diffuser

    29. A backseat cover that'll keep your car clean with an impenetrable waterproof barrier. It's especially designed to fit almost every car or SUV's backseats, and can be installed quickly and easily. When it gets dirty, just wipe or vacuum and it'll be good as new. There's even headrest and seat anchors.

    Dog sits on the black and orange seat cover

    30. Compostable poop bags so you can clean up after your dog and save the planet at the same time. These biodegradable bags are ethically sourced and made from 100% botanical plant components. Oh, they're also leakproof and odorless. 10% of all profits go to the Soi Dog Foundation and their mission to end animal suffering!

    Reviewer's photo of using the green compostable bag after their dog

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