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    25 Things From Amazon That’ll Help Pet Owners Keep Their Home Clean (And We Have The Proof)

    Say goodbye to dirt and grime.

    1. A Bissell Cleanview Swivel bagless vacuum to keep your floors clean with its triple action brush roll and scatter-free tech in case your dog has an accident. It'll swivel to easily maneuver around the room, while its specialized tools will help keep hard-to-reach areas looking good.

    2. A hardwood floor cleaner that'll capture debris with its V-shape design, whether your pet sheds or they knocked something over. It easily cleans around furniture legs and the easy-to-empty dirtcup makes cleaning up easy breezy.

    3. A bottle of Rejuvenate wood floor restorer and polish for filling in scratches from your pets, restoring glossy shine, and protecting hardwood flooring. It'll bond to the existing finish which means it'll resist stains and spills without waxy build-up.

    Reviewer's photo of their floors before and after floor restorer

    4. A Bissell Febreze stain and odor eliminator to remove urine, feces, and other stains from any water-safe surface with its enzyme-action plus.

    5. A Levoit air purifier that'll get rid of allergens in the air (hello, cat owners). Three filters work together to trap fur, odor, and airborne particles to keep your home feeling clean. It's compact so it won't take up too much space and it's energy efficient.

    Reviewer's photo of their white air purifier after catching gray and brown particles in the air

    6. A pet hair-remover brush to remove fluff and lint from your couch, carpets, or clothing. When you're done, just dip the brush into the self-cleaning base to remove fur from the brush. The travel-sized brush is great for families on the go, and it'll fit in your purse or car compartment.

    Reviewer's photo of their gray couch before and after using the pet hair brush

    7. A three-pack of dusters for cleaning blinds, shutters, and more if your pet always shakes themselves out when they come inside. The soft foam coverings naturally attract allergens you might not realize are there and the three-tiered design allows you to easily slip the duster between your blinds.

    Reviewer's photo of their blue and white duster after using it on their blinds

    8. A microfiber extendable duster so you can finally clean those hard-to-reach places. The stainless-steel pole extends to 100 inches and the wire in the duster head can bend up to 90 degrees. It'll become electrostatically charged as you use it, attracting allergens with ease.

    Reviewer's photo of their red duster full of gray particles after using it to dust

    9. A Swiffer Sweeper dry and wet all purpose starter kit that'll trap and lock twice as much dust and pet hair, perfect for those cold days when your pet stays inside with you all afternoon. You'll be able to clean hard floor surfaces quickly and easily.

    Reviewer's photo of their Swiffer Sweeper after cleaning the floors

    10. A Hoover carpet and upholstery spot cleaner for any stain anywhere. The lightweight and portable design means you can get a convenient deep clean. Remove anything from pet messes to everyday mishaps with the five foot hose. Plus, the self-cleaning tech flushes the hose after each use.

    Reviewer's photo of their car floor pads before and after cleaning with the Hoover cleaner

    11. A Woolite carpet and upholstery cleaner for lifting pet stains, eliminating odors, *and* discouraging re-soiling. Odor elimination neutralizes even the strongest pet odors, and the attached brush is safe on fabric.

    Reviewer's photo of their couch before and after using the upholstery cleaner

    12. A Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum that'll attract pet hair and pull dirt from stairs, upholstery and more. It also uses a multi-layer filtration and cyclonic cleaning system to give you the best clean.

    Reviewer's photo of the black and red vacuum getting white hair out of their tan carpet

    13. A robot vacuum to keep things clean when you don't have time. With tangle-free pet hair care technology, it focuses on picking up debris on hard floors, and the design means it'll easily clean under beds and furniture. It's self-charging and has a programmable schedule. There's also smart sensors to keep it from bumping or falling.

    Reviewer's photo of all the pet hair their vacuum picked up

    14. A FURminator grooming rake so their hair won't be all over the house. Best for pets with thick fur or dense double coats, the rotating metal teeth remove loose hair and prevent tangles. The ergonomic nonslip handle also gives you maximum control.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog and a pile of fur after using the grooming rake

    15. A reusable pet hair roller to clean up pet hair from sofas, beds and comforters without needing multiple lint rollers.

    16. A Kurgo no-spill water bowl for keeping their water in the bowl instead of on the floor. This bowl is great for keeping your home clean but can also be used on-the-go. This dripless water bowl keeps your dog hydrated and fed without the mess.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog drinking out of the no-spill blue water bowl

    17. A MudBuster paw cleaner so they don't track mud through the house anymore. Just add a little water and insert your pup's muddy paw. The gentle silicone bristles will remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws and keep it inside the cup.

    18. Some hypoallergenic and compostable pet wipes that'll keep your doggo clean. Wash their face and paws without residue or smells, and the shea butter, aloe and chamomile will keep their fur soft. Even though they're gentle, they're durable so they'll stand up against your dog's nails.

    19. A Bissell handheld pet hair eraser vacuum because you should be able to remove even embedded dirt and pet hair. The large, easy-to-empty dirt bin helps make cleaning go faster, and the triple-level filtration improves the vacuum's performance.

    20. A self-cleaning slicker brush to gently remove loose hair deep in their coat without scratching your pet or causing them pain. When you're done, just click the button and the bristles retract back into the brush, making cleanup super simple.

    Reviewer's photo of their gray and white cat lying beside a pile of fur

    21. A FURemover broom for your office, living room or anywhere else that just has too much pet hair in the carpet. The 100% natural rubber attracts pet hair like a magnet and the built-in squeegee edge will wipe away liquid spills on hard surfaces.

    Reviewer's photo of the pet hair stuck in their carpet after using the black and white FURemover

    22. A multi-purpose cleaning kit so you can kill 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria that may be in your home after your pet has an accident. This natural cleaner can replace other disinfectants, cleaning just as well as bleach, for $1 a bottle.

    23. An Affresh washing machine cleaner for cleaning out whatever pet hair and smells are leftover from laundry day.

    24. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to scrub away dirt or mud that your pet has tracked in the house. Erase surfaces, walls and even light switches without the need for harsh chemicals.

    25. A bottle of Carpet Miracle carpet cleaning solution for making your carpets bright and colorful again. This biodegradable, nontoxic formula will make your carpet look like new after your pets' shedding, accidents and muddy adventures.

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