10 Hit TV Shows That Started In The UK

We’re not saying all the best US shows start in the UK. But kind of. Check out The Chase, the newest UK import, Tuesdays at 9/8c on GSN.

1. Britain’s Got Talent / America’s Got Talent

REX USA/Ken McKay/Thames / Rex

Virginia Sherwood / NBC


Britain’s Got Talent: 2007-present, 87 episodes
America’s Got Talent: 2006-present, 193 episodes

Though the British version was cast and produced first, the American version beat it to airwaves after issues with the pilot.

2. Man About The House / Three’s Company

REX USA/FremantleMedia Ltd

Everett Collection


Man About The House: 1973-1976, 40 episodes
Three’s Company: 1977-1984, 172 episodes

3. Doctor Who

Ray Burmiston/Adrian Rogers, ©BBC WORLDWIDE

UK produced: 798 episodes
US produced: 1 TV movie — the 1996 movie Doctor Who was intended as a backdoor pilot to an American Who, but low US ratings meant no series emerged.

4. Being Human

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Jeff Riedel/©Syfy / courtesy Everett Collection


Being Human UK: 2008-2013, 37 episodes
Being Human US: 2011-present, 39 episodes

5. Strictly Come Dancing / Dancing With the Stars

Guy Levy / © BBC One/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

Adam Taylor / ABC


Strictly Come Dancing: 2004-present, 185 episodes
Dancing With the Stars: 2005-present, 308 episodes

6. The Thick Of It / Veep

© BBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Lacey Terrell / © HBO


The Thick of It: 2005-2012, 34 episodes
Veep: 2012-present, 18 episodes

7. The Office

Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


The Office UK: 2001-2003, 15 episodes
The Office US: 2005-2013, 201 episodes

8. Pop Idol / American Idol

REX USA/FremantleMedia Ltd

Michael Becker / FOX


Pop Idol: 2001-2003, 46 episodes
American Idol: 2002-present, 475 episodes

9. Cash Cab


Ali Goldstein / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


Cash Cab UK: 2005-2006, 30 episodes
Cash Cab US: 2005-2012, 240 episodes

10. The Chase

REX USA/Ken McKay / Rex



The Chase UK: 2009-present, 428 episodes
The Chase US: 2013-present, 8 episodes

Check out The Chase, America’s newest UK import, only on GSN:

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