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25 Signs You Went To Wake Forest

Heading down south to the land of the pines.

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1. You've accepted that parking on campus will never happen. Ever.

And you'll somehow get a ticket for it, if you do park on campus. So here's a big thank you to you, campus-parking-coordinator! Can someone give this guy a raise and some extra vacation time?

7. Those certain science professors who enjoy crushing souls.

That's right, I'm looking at you, Angie King and Mandy Jones. Because chemistry wasn't hard enough until you found the MOST IMPOSSIBLE QUESTIONS EVER TO ASK ON A TEST.

9. You do a drunk Subway trip at least once a month.

God, please bless those subway workers who put up with us and put on every topping we ask for even though they know we're making some of the worst drunk decisions they've seen. Amen.

10. You were seriously thrown off by the new patio furniture in front of the Pit.

Because we were so concerned that between the club tables, the students and the prospective students tours, there was too much free room in front of the Pit. Phew, thanks Wake, you really cleared up that fear.

11. When you finished an impossibly hard class with a decent grade.

Oh, it's finals week? Let me just assign you a 20 page paper on top of your studying because you're not taking any other classes than mine, right? Good!

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