25 Signs You Went To Wake Forest

Heading down south to the land of the pines.

1. 1. You’ve accepted that parking on campus will never happen. Ever.

And you’ll somehow get a ticket for it, if you do park on campus. So here’s a big thank you to you, campus-parking-coordinator! Can someone give this guy a raise and some extra vacation time?

2. 2. Everyone always tells you how good your sports used to be.

But if football and basketball were scored like golf, we’d be nearly undefeated, so take that, ESPN!

3. 3. When you see it starting to rain, you know it’s going to MONSOON.

And you haven’t fully embraced the rainy day attire unless you have roughly 1076936584 pairs of Hunters…or something like that.

4. 4. You stop and read every one of the Lilting Banshee’s posters and you’re like…

Admit it: you’ve stolen a few before because they accurately narrate your life. There’s no shame in it.

5. 5. You know that there are some frat houses you don’t go to sober.

and yet, you still go and don’t question anything.

6. 6. You see the stairs in Greene and you’re like…

Even Satan wouldn’t put these stairs in Hell.

7. 7. Those certain science professors who enjoy crushing souls.

That’s right, I’m looking at you, Angie King and Mandy Jones. Because chemistry wasn’t hard enough until you found the MOST IMPOSSIBLE QUESTIONS EVER TO ASK ON A TEST.

8. 8. Finals/late nights + Sundry runs = nothing but junk food.

And no shits shall be given….even $10 for a candy bar seems reasonable at some point.

9. 9. You do a drunk Subway trip at least once a month.

God, please bless those subway workers who put up with us and put on every topping we ask for even though they know we’re making some of the worst drunk decisions they’ve seen. Amen.

10. 10. You were seriously thrown off by the new patio furniture in front of the Pit.

Because we were so concerned that between the club tables, the students and the prospective students tours, there was too much free room in front of the Pit. Phew, thanks Wake, you really cleared up that fear.

11. 11. When you finished an impossibly hard class with a decent grade.

Oh, it’s finals week? Let me just assign you a 20 page paper on top of your studying because you’re not taking any other classes than mine, right? Good!

12. 12. You know that greek life pretty much reigns supreme.

Cue the themed parties, the “throwing what you know” pictures, and the formals. Being greek never felt so good.

13. 13. Turning 21 involves going to Shorty’s and drinking.

God, also bless these waiters who put up with us after date functions and formals. Amen.

14. 14. Tailgating attracts more students than the actual football games.

Because we like listening to country music, pregaming at frat tents and wearing preppy clothes and sundresses to games. go deacs.

15. 15. We pretty much keep Vineyard Vines, Lilly and Southern Tide in sound business.

we go to wake and, we love these threads and, we gotta stockpile it all while we can.

16. 16. You look forward to Project Pumpkin, Wake N’ Shake and Hit the Bricks like they’re holidays.

17. 17. You’ve participated in Wake Wednesday and have wanted to die in class the next morning.

And yet you still do it next week because you never learn.

18. 18. You refer to your campus president as Natty O…

…and may have camped out on his front lawn…go deacs.

19. 19. You let everyone you know that Arnold Palmer, Webb Simpson, Chris Paul and Tim Duncan went to Wake.

yeah…no big deal.

20. 20. You always get hopelessly lost when looking for a book in the stacks.

every.damn.time. how can there be any order to that chaos?!?

21. 21. You’ve gotten lost in Tribble and just been like…

but then discovered it’s the best place to study during finals week.

22. 22. When you tell your non-wake friends how you get to off campus parties and they’re like…

yeah. we get into stranger’s cars. we’re pretty much the definition of badass.

23. 23. You know none of the words to the fight song, and when people tell you, you’re like…

but then it makes total sense that we would have a classy alcohol reference.

24. 24. Conservatives and Republicans actually represent a sizable student population

you mean to tell me that conservative collegians aren’t a myth? BLASPHEMY!

25. 25. Southerners always overreact to “severe” winter weather.

and all the northerners are like, “It’s 40 degrees out in January?!?! HEAT WAVEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

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