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    Here's What We Learned During The "This Is Us" Twitter Q&A

    Basically, just stock up on tissues.

    On Tuesday, the cast of you and your Mom's favorite new show did a Q&A session on Twitter using #AskThisIsUs. Here are some of the highlights!

    Surprise! Prepare to cry A LOT during the last two episodes of the season.

    ...A lot

    But Sterling promises the finale will be epic.

    We will definitely be seeing Jack and Rebecca before they met.

    William may be gone in our present timeline, but he is not gone forever.

    Randall's better half, Beth, will have a bigger role moving into season 2.

    And this cheeky response could possibly mean that she will be getting some screen time with Jack.

    Chrissy shelled out some great advice.

    Milo and Mandy are fans of the 80's scenes.

    They are all obsessed with their cast & crew.

    We got a little insight into how Sterling handles ducks after the "Memphis" episode.

    Chris Sullivan (aka Toby) brings the jokes IRL too.

    Even the kids got in on it!

    And prepare to start searching for clues in new behind the scenes photos when they start filming season 2 in July!