16 Reasons Why You Should Fight Like A Girl

Because fighting like a girl is not an insult. Especially when these badass ladies are on the scene. And if this convinces you, watch Halle Berry kick some ass in The Call. In theaters now.

1. If somebody tells you that you fight like a girl…

2. Just tell the haters that you’re in good company.

Black Widow takes crap from NOBODY.

3. Buffy knows that kicking ass is serious business.

4. And Ripley definitely doesn’t need your help.

She can kick ass on her own.

5. You wouldn’t dare mess with Sydney from Alias.

6. Or make Storm angry.

7. And you sure as hell woudn’t sass Queen Gorgo from 300.

8. You’d be a fool to mess with Hermione.

9. She may be young, but you better not mess with Hit-Girl.

10. Same with Hanna.

She’s a stone-cold assassin.

11. If you make Catwoman angry, she’ll get more than your tongue.

12. And the arrows from Katniss do more than sting!

13. It’s best to step aside from the women in Scott Pilgrim.

14. And in Resident Evil…

15. Baby Doll fights like a girl, and she knows it.

16. So, continue fighting like a girl!

Women kick ass. MIC DROP.

Inspired by Jordan Turner from “The Call”

Don’t you dare hurt the people she cares about.

Watch Halle Berry in “The Call.” In theaters now.

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