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10 Incredibly Dangerous Rescue Attempts

Your heart may pound a bit faster after reading this post. But don't worry. Someone is there to save the day. And for more awesome rescues, watch Halle Berry kick some butt in The Call. In theaters now.

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1. These amazing bystanders saving a person from a burning car.

2. This incredible rescue of a drowning man using a helicopter.

3. These two guys rescuing a sheep from the ocean.

Daniel Mihailescu / AHP / Getty Images

4. This amazing rescue of a women who collapsed on the subway tracks in Madrid.

5. This dramatic rescue of a boy being saved from a flood in Australia.

6. This heroic pig saving a baby goat's life!

7. This dog saves two other dogs stuck in a canoe!

8. A 4-month-old baby is miraculously saved 4 days after the Japanese tsunami of 2011.

Yomiuri Shimbun / Reuters

9. The extrodinary rescue of a guy on the edge of Niagra Falls.

10. A woman jumping from a burning building during the London Riots in 2011.

(Amy Weston /

Inspired by the dramatic rescues in "The Call," starring Halle Berry. In theaters now.

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