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I Miss Michelle Obama Already.

Can we bring her back? Please? #Michelle2020

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She is SO likeable.

She sings, she dances... she constantly werks it.

She has confidence and a level of sass that is unsurpassed, yet is forever classy as hell.

Get on her level. Oh wait, you never can.

She's Beyonce's Beyonce.

So, if Beyonce is a goddess, what does that make Michelle???

Just look at that strut.

Anything she does, she does so flawlessly.

She's quirky and funny, and I love her for it.

From funky dances to sassy comebacks, she has it all.

She is an advocate.

She works non-stop, whether it's for education rights or promoting health and fitness campaigns for children of America.

Her speeches are so damn good...

...that Melania tried to steal them and we were like LADY, PLEASE. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE TRYING TO BE. You aren't the first lady that has our hearts.

She is the ideal role model.

She is beautiful inside and out. She is well educated, brilliant, and compassionate. She is passionate about helping others and is dedicated to making the world a better place.

She knows what matters.

Knowledge is power. Don't forget that.


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