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    Christopher Meloni Is Rejoining The "Law & Order" Universe

    Plus, we previewed this year's Super Bowl and looked back at the best halftime shows from years past.

    Today on The Buzz:

    1. Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay are reuniting in the premiere of a new Law & Order spinoff.

    These "Law & Order: SVU" stars are reuniting and we. Can't. Wait. #TheBuzz

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    2. We previewed the 2021 Super Bowl's halftime show and commercials...

    Here's what to expect from the Super Bowl on Sunday (apart from, you know, the football) #TheBuzz

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    3. ...And looked back at some of the best past halftime shows.

    Which is your favorite Super Bowl halftime show? 🏈 #TheBuzz

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