Cardi B Stirred Up Drama On Twitter And Her Fans Are Divided

    Should Cardi B have asked Twitter about buying a lavish purse during a pandemic?

    Today on The Buzz:

    1. Cardi B's fans are debating about her recent tweets.

    Cardi B matched donations after being criticized for asking her followers if she should buy an $88 thousand purse 👀👜 #TheBuzz

    2. Aubrey Plaza shared some surprising behind-the-scenes news about "Happiest Season."

    Kristen Stewart might have gotten Covid on the set of #HappiestSeason 😱 #TheBuzz

    3. Kid Cudi announced he's finally releasing "Man on the Moon III."

    Kid Cudi decided to save 2020 by finally releasing the third part of his “Man on the Moon” trilogy 🙏🏽 #TheBuzz