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    60 Reasons Niles Crane Is A Babe And A Half

    Frasier is great, but Niles is a dorky dreamboat. Just a boat of dorkdreams.

    We all love "Frasier."

    And yes, we all know Dr. Frasier Crane is wonderful.

    But when it comes to adorable dorkiness and being the ultimate in nerd fantasy men, Dr. Niles Crane has got his brother beat.

    He's got game.

    Serious game.

    And swag.

    And the ladies dig it.

    He's all for a good joke, just all for it.

    He values good hygeine.

    He's even adorable when he's struggling to remember what word he was just thinking of but oh, now it's gone, what was it?

    He knows what he wants and he goes for it.

    He gives the best hugs, just look at the full-body contact.

    He's super well-read.

    And not just books, he's up on current events.

    And great with kids.

    But he knows where to draw the line.

    He completely understands why you just can't make yourself go to the gym today.

    'Cause he has his off days too, girl.

    He puts it all out there, he's not going to play games.

    He'll appreciate your wardrobe, and he'll let you know what you look the best in.

    He has strong morals, but he knows when to bend them.

    He's always down to karaoke.

    And his reflexes are just top-notch.

    But that doesn't mean he isn't just a little bit adorably ticklish.

    He appreciates it when you take the time to get dressed up (or really, really down).

    He's gainfully employed.

    And even when he's losing it, he's still got it together in most ways.

    He always makes time for his family.

    He's verbally descriptive.

    And he's cultured.

    Super cultured.

    He's mastered the subtle sexuality of the hair toss.

    He'll pick up a sword and defend your honor, no problem.

    But he's also fragile and he isn't afraid to show it.

    He has excellent phone etiquette.

    He totally gets why you never iron your pants, you're right, it's a waste of time.

    He's squeamish about blood, so he totally understands why you don't wanna give blood today.

    He understands social cues.

    He'll take the time to read your latest screenplay, sure thing.

    If you're having a bad day, he gets it, you don't even have to talk, he's just here for you if you need him.

    He's fine with you giving up on today. Today sucked. He gives up, too. How about a makeout session?

    He comes from a supportive family.

    He's a great dancer.

    An *excellent dancer.

    *The best dancer.

    Like, what even?

    He's not easily alarmed.

    He's awkward at parties, too, girl. No need to be nervous.

    He can hold his liquor (well, his sherry).

    He dresses for the weather.

    He'll always tell you what he wants.

    He's not afraid of confrontation.

    He'll go to a party and sit in the corner with you and make fun of people.

    But don't say anything mean to him, or he'll sulk adorably.

    If he does something, he does it right.

    He's such. a. good. kisser.

    And so cute when he doesn't know what to do with his hands.

    He's just dreamy.

    Just a dreamboat.

    Like, ughhhghhghghg DREAMBOAT.

    Just a BOAT OF DREAMS.

    Our feelings exactly.