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32 Reasons "SNL's" Kate McKinnon Should Run For President In 2016

McKinnon 2016. Let's all make shirts.

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1. She's pretty much already announced it.

2. She's politically aware.

3. She already has a campaign platform.

4. She's ready.

5. Extremely ready.

6. She doesn't have a lot of political experience, but she's ready in other ways.

7. She'll use her hottness for diplomacy.

8. She's confident in her abilities.

9. She has a no-nonsense policy when it comes to getting sh*t done.

10. GET SH*T DONE 2016.

11. Ellen would be Secretary of State.

12. She'll be vigilant when it comes to safeguarding the American people.

13. She knows what the people want.

14. And she's willing to give out rewards to the deserving.

15. She hasn't let fame go to her head, she still does all her own shopping.

16. She's not afraid to go against popular opinion.

17. But she's still a religious woman.

18. She has a commanding presence.

19. She's excellent with finances, and would probably be able to drastically reduce the national debt.

20. Plus, she's a patron of the arts.

21. She doesn't shy away from conflict.

22. She's a cultured woman, she knows many cultures.

23. She has a solid set of family values.

24. And she's unwilling to compromise those values.

25. She'll put up a fight for what she believes in.

26. She will do her best to feed the hungry masses.

27. She's a team player, every day, always.

28. And she always puts others' needs before her own.

29. She's a supporter of a women's rights.

30. And she's in extremely good physical health.

31. But she still knows how to kick back and relax when it's appropriate.

32. Yes, Kate. Yes, you do.

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