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    Nov 11, 2013

    30 Reasons You're Loki From "Thor"

    Mischief > Thunder.

    30. You always make an excellent first impression.

    29. Sometimes you feel like you and your family aren't even related.

    28. Which means you have some pretty serious daddy issues.

    27. But rightfully so.

    26. You were an awkward kid.

    25. Which is probably why you still think kids are the worst.

    24. You know how to make an entrance.

    23. And an exit.

    22. You have the #2 best "Gurl, Please" Face in the world.

    21. Who has the #1 best "Gurl, Please" Face in the world? Also you.

    20. (You're #3, too.)

    19. Alright, look, you're just the ultimate in "Gurl Please" Facing.

    18. You're almost always the smartest person in the room.

    17. No one's jazz hands are jazzier than yours.

    16. You definitely have some inferiority issues that you try to laugh off.

    15. You don't understand the whole yoga craze.

    14. You just cannot deal with secrets.

    13. You're not a relationship person.

    12. But you still have a way with the opposite sex.

    11. And you know it.

    10. You don't handle rejection well.

    9. You can't be cooped up for too long or you get grouchy.

    8. You know how to work a crowd.

    7. It takes a lot to rattle you emotionally.

    6. You're an excellent judge of situations, even if no one ever listens.

    5. Inside that tough exterior, you have a lot of feels, it's just hard for you to express yourself.

    4. You know how to rock strange accessories.

    3. Very, very strange accessories.

    2. Sometimes, and you're fine with admitting this, you suffer from hair envy.

    1. But underneath all that insecurity, you know you're a total babe.

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