13 Nerdy Sidekicks Who Are Hotter Than Their Hero Best Friends

Their days of riding in the sidecar are over. Or maybe not, because sidecars are pretty great.

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Dream date: He meets you in the kitchen for some sweetened protein rations, and then you make sexy shadow puppets until the ship's engine inevitably breaks.

Dream date: He picks you up for brunch in a tricked-out helicopter that he designed himself. He then uses his watch to trip the restaurant's fire alarm so you have the whole place to yourselves.

Dream date: He takes you to his favorite Bikram Yoga studio in Brooklyn and then to a local bar for Trivia Night. He tries not to get too upset when his teammates get questions wrong.

Dream date: After a dinner of Twinkies, he shows you his vast collection of spores, molds, and fungus. He then lets you try on his Proton Pack and asks if you'd want to, you know, cross streams.

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