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Why We Need To Put An End To Bullying (For Real)

Bullying needs to stop now. Period.

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This is our responsibility.

I know that this isn't a funny article or even an article per se, but it does address something that we all have experienced at some point in our lives: bullying.

We often hear on the news that a kid, or a teenager committed suicide because they were bullied. And we say a prayer, say RIP and move on with our lives. We really need to understand how terrible it is, and how much negative power it holds today in our society. This is a desperate call for help, this is why I'm writing to you. We need awareness, the right people to help us, and ears that will listen. We are responsible, as a society, to do something for the sake of those kids that take their lives daily. We need to do it for the mothers that hold their dead kid, wondering what happened, why they took this step. We are as responsible as the bully. I'm going to paste here what I typed on my page "The Bully Blockers" :

So, I have this theory.

Bullies are sick, lets face it, people don't put others down for no reason, unless there's something wrong with them. So, they should get treatment. There should be like a rehab, just for bullies, focused on how to make them better people, so that society, as a whole can be happier and better. Less suicides, less depression, less problems and more love. They should have therapy sessions, mandatory meetings with people who share their own stories about how they were bullied, and taught how much negative power their words can have on others. I want to end bullying, and it starts with help from the society. Let's do something for the people that have lost their lives due to bullying. Let's honor them. As a society, its our duty to stop all the evil things that are happening around us. Let's stop bullying. - Sanskriti Shrivastava

We need the right people to see this, and understand the depth of the situation, the desperation of the bullied, and the worries of the society. Thank you. Any help is so appreciated.

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