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Nik Wallenda Becomes First Man to Cross Niagara Falls On Tightrope

Emerging out of a cloud of mist, Nik Wallenda ran the last few steps to become the first man in more than a century to cross Niagara Falls on a high wire and singlehandedly bring the Wallenda name back into the public consciousness. The 1,500-foot walk between Goat Island in the U.S. side to Table Rock in Canada was fraught with unforgiving natural conditions: blinding mist and drafts created by the force of the waterfalls crashing down on the Niagara River. And he made the promise that his next stunt will be crossing the Grand Canyon. “Hundreds of millions, if not a billion people, will know who Nik Wallenda is tomorrow morning, that’s kind of crazy,” said Mr. Wallenda in a post-walk press conference conducted after he called his grandmother, which he had promised to do immediately upon completing the feat.

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