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Lisa Kudrow Gives Parenting Advice

We collected questions from new parents in need of some serious advice and then asked Lisa Kudrow to weigh in.

So first of all...what exactly is a "Boss Baby"?

1. My baby cries at all hours of the night, every night. What can I do to function like a normal human being during the day?

2. My son has figured out how to escape from his crib, and it’s happening with alarming regularity. What should I do?

3. My daughter won’t stop pulling on my hair and beard. What do I do?

4. Is my baby purposely aiming for my mouth when he urinates during a diaper change? Has this ever happened to you?

5. Whenever my son cries, his dad feeds him a cookie. Now he's abusing the system and crying on command. How do I stop this madness?

6. I’m doing laundry every other day because I keep getting all sorts of bodily fluids on me. What should I do?

7. Every time I put my baby in a fresh diaper, he poops. Every single time. Is he trying to get inside my head?

8. My son will cry and cry unless I hand over my smartphone and let him entertain himself. Am I being a pushover?

9. I could swear that my identical twin babies were speaking full-blown English to each other. What is going on?

10. My 3-year-old is constantly taking things that don’t belong to him. I admire his sneakiness, but I can’t seem to get him to stop. What do you recommend?

11. How do I stop my toddler from lying so much?

12. My baby dislikes picture books and instead prefers when I read her the newspaper. Is that weird?

13. I recently learned that my baby not only filed her own taxes, but claimed our home as a tax shelter for business purposes. Is this normal?

Catch Lisa Kudrow as the mother of an actual Boss Baby in DreamWorks Animation's The Boss Baby, in theaters March 31!

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