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12 Reasons Your Boss Is A Total Baby

Today is National Boss Day. (How appropriate that it falls on a Monday, amirite?) To celebrate, you can reflect on all the ways your boss is probably a baby. And check out the trailer for The Boss Baby below!

1. They constantly need your attention.

2. Their sleep schedule becomes your sleep schedule.

3. You need to talk to them every day.

4. More often than not, you have no idea what they want.

5. You can always expect them to throw a fit if they don't get their way.

6. They're gassy, especially after lunch.

7. You pretty much have to do whatever they say.

8. They totally abuse you.

9. Sometimes they get drunk, and you have to cover for them...

10. ...and somehow their mess always becomes your mess.

11. You're clearly much, much smarter than they are.

12. But they're always watching your every move.

Check out Alec Baldwin as an *actual* baby in The Boss Baby, and try to be glad your boss doesn't really need a diaper change.

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