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Women Empowering Women: Is It Real?

All of the sudden, we’re all #girlbosses looking out for each other and #womensupportingwomen. And I can’t help but wonder… is it genuine, or is it just trendy to pretend?

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The movement of women empowering women has skyrocketed in my social media lately. All of the sudden, we’re all #girlbosses looking out for each other and #womensupportingwomen. And I can’t help but wonder… is it genuine, or is it just trendy to pretend?

First off, let me say that I WANT it to be real. I hope it is. At the very least, I hope it becomes real as time passes. What I want to do here is delve into the movement and try to understand just how deep it goes.


It’s no secret that women have a dirty history of tearing down other women. Somehow, it gets ingrained in most of us at a young age that other women are competition. As young girls, it’s competition for boys, for popularity, and for attention, among other things. Even our closest friends can be viewed as threats. We’re taught– by media, by example, and by experience– that every other female has the potential to swoop in and destroy everything we hold dear.

As we age, and become adults, the threat grows even greater. Now these women can do real damage. We’re competing for jobs, for husbands, and for social prominence. The greater the potential risk, the more serious the competition gets.


Out of all this shade-throwing, rumor-spreading competition grew a movement of women empowering women. Refreshing, right? How lovely that women are finally putting down their swords and uplifting other women, instead of taking jabs at them. Or at least, that’s what Instagram hashtags and Facebook groups lead us to believe.

But is it genuine? Or is it simply another grasping attempt for prominence and popularity?

Personal Experience

I’ve brought this up among my friends recently, and asked their opinions. Maybe we’re cynics, but the general consensus is that it’s a popular word to throw into social media posts, just like #tribe, #squad, and #vibes have been in the past. That’s not to say that there aren’t genuine #womenempoweringwomen out there. I am blessed to have some in my life. Women, both friends and acquaintances alike, who I truly believe will support me with no hidden agendas. But the majority? Eh, I’m not convinced.

Going Forward

One thing I know for sure, is that I will strive to empower other women. And I’m going to be perfectly honest– it isn’t always automatic. And it isn’t always easy. Like most women, I’ve spent most of my life viewing females as competition first, and then determining if they’re friend material. It’s hard work to simply support women without any second thought. It takes a conscious and determined effort to operate that way. But it’s important enough that it’s worth the effort.

Hopefully one day, if enough of us lead by example, the movement will be more than a movement… hopefully one day it will just be life.

What is your experience? Maybe yours is different than mine, and I’d love your view of the #womenempoweringwomen movement. Seriously, I’m interested– tell me in the comments.

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