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12 Reasons Emma Watson Is Better When She's Bad

Sometimes it's good to be bad. See her in The Bling Ring now available on iTunes, on DVD and Blu-Ray September 17.

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1. She is so cute when she's good.

Getty / George De Sota/Staff

2. But, let's be real.

3. She is so much better when she's bad.

Getty / Chris Jackson/Staff

4. Being good can be a lot of pressure.

5. And nobody has time for that.

6. She refuses to be the cookie cutter good girl.

7. This bondage fashion moment is PERFECTION.

Getty /Jamie McCarthy

8. And this smokey eye is to die for.

Getty / Stephen Lovekin

9. She laughs in the face of good girls who keep their long hair.

Getty/ Gareth Cattermole/Staff

10. Awe, hell no.

11. Guys, she is even naughty with her lipgloss.

12. If this is wrong, we don't want to be right.

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