12 Corgis Who Have Been Ruined By Fame

Fame can be a dangerous drug. Just ask the members of The Bling Ring now available on iTunes, on DVD and Blu-Ray September 17.

1. Duchess has become such a hot mess—she posts this twerking thing on Twitter constantly.

2. Coco's juice fast is making her lose her mind.

3. Peanut spent his entire paycheck on an aquarium room.

And he doesn’t have any friends left to come over and see it.

4. Mr. Pickles is so stuck up he can't be brushed any other way.

5. Sparky spends all his time at the gym with his trainer because if he gets fat he won't get hired.

6. Since his last movie bombed, Rick will literally do anything for attention.

7. June Bear day-drinks so heavily she can barely stand up.

8. Fame made Muffin so narcissistic she only wants to play with her reflection.

9. Ginger is desperately trying to make the transition to becoming a serious actress, but it's obviously not working.

10. Reilly is terrified one of his crazed fans is hiding behind a bush.

11. Macy is such a diva she won't even walk.

12. Kirby hit rock bottom and moved to Alaska to start a new life. It is not going well.

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