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12 Red Reddington Reactions To "The Blacklist" Season 2

If this is how you reacted to Season 2, what's in store for next? Find out on The Blacklist, now on an all-new night, Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC!

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1. When Liz finds out that she's finally divorced from Tom, her fake husband who turned out to be a spy.

2. When you discovered that Liz was actually keeping Tom chained up in an abandoned boat.

3. When Berlin kidnapped Red's secret wife, Naomi, giving Red a great reason to hunt him down.

4. When Agent Ressler developed a prescription pill problem from getting constantly injured on the job, then decided to injure himself so that he can get more pills.

5. When Red told Dembe's backstory, and it made you like Dembe even more than you already did, then Dembe set Red up for a perfect one-liner (which is just so Dembe).

6. When Red hired a secret sniper bodyguard to protect Liz, and then he ended up saving her life.

7. When Red finally tracked down Berlin's daughter.

8. When Red used Berlin's daughter to lure him into a trap, then Berlin said he can't think of a way to defuse the bomb strapped around Alan Fitch's neck.

9. When Red treated Berlin to a few shots...

10. ...and then a few more shots.

11. When Red told Tom to disappear forever and Tom tried to kiss up to him one more time.

12. When Alan Fitch exploded...

...and when you found out that The Blacklist is on all-new NBC Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC!

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