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21 Red Reddington GIFs That Are Your Life

Sometimes Red says it better than you ever could. For more spot-on Red one-liners, tune in to The Blacklist, now on Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

1. When you get to your destination without using Google Maps.

2. When your friend drinks too much at the bar and gets sick in the bathroom.

3. 15 minutes earlier, when the same friend challenged you to a drinking contest.

4. When you're a little tipsy, and you spot your ex at a party.

5. When someone invites you to go jogging at 5 a.m.

6. When your friend is panicking because their dog ran away.

7. When a person you didn't really like breaks up with you.

8. When the fast-food cashier asks you for the third time if you want to upsize your value meal.

9. Then when they ask you one more time.

10. When someone you just met invites you to join their World of Warcraft guild.

11. On your way to a friend's house shortly after eating leftover Indian food.

12. When your co-worker asks you to come to his poker night that has a $25 buy-in.

13. When the bartender at happy hour gives you a strange look for ordering four margaritas at once.

14. While texting with your S.O. on your lunch break.

15. When someone suggests taking the party back to their hotel bar.

16. When someone asks you if they can use your Netflix password.

17. When you all split the dinner check perfectly.

18. When your parents call you just to "check in."

19. When your friend disappears at the bar, and you have to go find them.

20. When you're trying to watch a movie, and the cat keeps walking in front of the TV.

21. When you get to work on Monday morning and find all the stuff you didn't finish on Friday waiting for you.

(All images provided courtesy of NBC/Universal Television)

For more relevant Red Reddington one-liners, catch The Blacklist , now on Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.