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40 Questions Every Fan Of "The Blacklist" Wants Answered

There's one enormous question. Then there are a bunch of smaller questions, too, and we need answers! Catch The Blacklist , now on Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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1. Is Red Liz's dad?

2. Where the heck is Tom anyway?

3. What is Red's endgame?

4. Who is Berlin?!

5. Who's the girl in the locket?

6. What really happened to Red's family?

7. Where did Liz learn her pickpocket skills?

8. Why did Red remove a photo from the Stewmaker's book?

9. How did Red meet Dembe?

10. Is Red going to swap out his fedora for a Pharrell hat in Season 2?

11. Is it safe to assume that every single character is a spy?

12. Does Tom really love Liz, or was that a lie too?

13. Why did Red turn himself in?

14. Who's taking care of Liz's dog?

15. Who was the Apple Man working for?

16. What does it all mean?!?!

17. But seriously, though... Red is Liz's dad, right?

18. What's up with Lizzie's scar?

19. What's the longest Ressler has gone without getting injured?

20. Are Ressler and Liz going to hook up?

21. What did Cooper do in Kuwait?

22. Is Lizzie's burn scar the same symbol that's on Tom's box?

23. Who was Lucy Brooks working for?

24. Was the Stewmaker inspired by Walter White?

25. When is the Dembe/Amir sitcom spin-off coming out?

26. What secret did Sam want to tell Liz before Red killed him?

27. Who is Mr. Fitch?

28. What information does Red have that's preventing Mr. Fitch from killing him?

29. Is Tom ever coming back?

30. How can I get a membership to Red's secret cigar club?

31. How has the popularity of The Blacklist affected fedora sales?

32. Who is Mr. Kaplan and why is she so freakin' awesome?

33. Why did Red blow up his old house?

34. Does Liz have a secret criminal past?

35. What's up with Red's burn scars?

36. Was Red in a house fire, too?

37. Wait, were Red and Liz both in a house fire?

38. Red is Liz's dad, right?

39. Right?!

40. When does Season 2 start?!?!

Fortunately, The Blacklist is back on NBC Thursdays at 9/8c.

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