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15 Signs You're Addicted To "The Blacklist"

You have a problem... and the only solution is more action-packed drama. Feed your addiction with The Blacklist, part of an All-New NBC Thursday at 9/8c.

1. You tend to overreact when someone says their favorite TV show is something other than The Blacklist.

2. While everyone else is waiting for the weekend, you're super pumped about Thursday night.

3. When someone asks you what your favorite color is, you say "Reddington."

4. You have secret Blacklister nicknames for all your friends (and enemies).

5. Your inner monologue is starting to sound like Red Reddington, especially when your friends say they might binge-watch the first two seasons this weekend...

6. ...and when they finally agree to marathon the show with you, you waste no time.

7. This is your reaction when someone asks you if you'll be attending their birthday party on Thursday at 9 p.m.:

8. You get a warm feeling when you hear someone in public talking about how they just started watching The Blacklist...

9. ...and you can't resist joining their conversation about Red and Liz.

10. Thursday afternoons are agonizing, because you just want to go home and watch Red do his thing.

11. You call everyone in your contacts list on Thursday night to deliver a brief, simple message:

12. NOBODY is allowed to speak while Red Reddington is on your TV screen.

13. You're constantly refreshing Twitter while watching the show to see what your fellow fans are discussing.

14. You occasionally shout at your TV, but only when the commercial breaks are taking too long.

15. And, above all else, you're just so freakin' excited that Red is back!

(Images provided courtesy of NBC/Universal Television)

Feed your addiction by watching The Blacklist, part of an All-New NBC Thursday at 9/8c.

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