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5 Shoes Guaranteed To Grab People's Attention

We all have those clothes in our closet that are meant to turn heads. Shoes are apart of this category, and these ones will have you being the talk of the party.

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These are Billionaire Boys Club shoes, labeled "Ice Creams" for their bright and delicious colors. Generally known to be the shoes of rappers and other celebrities, these will have people looking at your feet in a good way. The website isn't too organized though, so you may have trouble ordering some.


While this is for someone with a taste for video games, it looks pretty stylish on anyone. These "Portal" shoes are handmade and painted freehand by Nicholas Tonks (KyozoKicks), famous for his custom shoe designs. Now if only he could add springs to them like the game...


Admittedly, these are better suited for winter, but they are still stylish as anything. In addition to their multiple color schemes, these could be worn as casual or formal. Great, eye-catching shoes all around.


Late-night party? Check. Glowsticks? Check. Light up shoes? YOU BET. While they may have already sold, these shoes were part of a design that included EL wire. Another good part is that these are just regular Converse shoes that are modified, so you could probably wear them in daytime also. What's to lose?


These magnificent shoes are part of designs from Daniel Reese, a renowned shoe designer who takes regular Nikes and gives them full blown makeovers. He has come out with more recent ones, but these Twitter ones I thought were the most attractive. Unfortunately, his website isn't available as we speak, but it will be when he finished his next batch of shoes. Who said shoes can't be a work of art?

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