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11 Times The Big Bang Theory Was The Funniest Show On TV

Time to remember some of the best moments from your favorite show!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite moments from The Big Bang Theory. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

1. The show taught us that sometimes the best-laid plans go awry.

"When Sheldon has a perfect plan for his evening alone, but turns out he left his keys and he is spending the evening with Penny. I laughed sooo hard when Leonard finally comes home and Sheldon tells him, 'I spent some time with Penny. We ate and now I understand friends with benefits better.'"


2. They were there for each other through thick and thin.

"When Bernadette is quarantined and Howard sings the song to her with the whole gang as backup singers. 'I couldn't have imagined how good my life would get, from the moment that I met you, Bernadette...'"


3. Like when Sheldon showed how much he cared.

"Sheldon bought Penny various-sized presents so he could give her a gift evenly worth whatever she gave him. Her gift ended up being a signed and DNA-included napkin from Leonard Nimoy. He gave her everything he bought plus a hug."


4. There's no such thing as a good show with no fart jokes.

"One of my favorites was when Sheldon decided he wasn't healthy enough and changed pizza night to vegetable night, then called Leonard a nervous Nellie when they thought that Sheldon's belly pain was appendicitis. And it ended with Sheldon having some good, and apparently smelly, farts."


5. Things often got a little crazy.

"'The Adhesive Duck Deficiency' is hands down my favorite episode. Penny dislocating her shoulder and Sheldon coming to the rescue by helping her dress then driving her to the hospital — all the while, Leonard and the guys are inadvertently tripping balls on some cookies while on an asteroid-gazing camping trip. Hysterical and always makes me laugh."


6. They showed their feelings in unique ways.

"When Sheldon kisses Amy in the Valentine’s Day train ride! I remember jumping off the kiss and screaming in pure excitement; that was a huge turning point for them and their relationship and I loved how Sheldon stood up straight as he kissed her!"


7. ...Very unique ways.

"My favorite moment was when Sheldon's secretary kissed him and he flew all the way to Amy’s hotel room and asked her to marry him."


8. Three words: "It's a tiara!"

"When Sheldon bought Amy her tiara! First, because Sheldon realized he needed to apologize to Amy — a new emotion and realization he was learning. Secondly, because Amy's reaction was PERFECT and still has me chuckling. Plus, she wore that thing throughout the rest of the series, including the last episode during her Nobel Prize speech."


9. Some of the best moments were the ones that were surprisingly heartfelt.

"For me it was always the way Penny told Leonard that she loved him. She just said it without realizing it."


10. Of course, friendship is forever.

"The 'strike war' between Sheldon and Penny was one of the best things they ever did — especially with how the war ended. 'With great power comes great responsibility.'"


11. In the end, the show taught us that even the most unique characters can find their person.

"There are two (favorite moments). First, when Leonard pulled the engagement ring out of his wallet, got down on one knee, and proposed to Penny. Then, my absolute favorite (moment) was when Amy gave Sheldon cookies for Christmas. She had called his Meemaw to get her recipe. She gave it to her, Amy made the cookies, and Sheldon said they were perfect. I got teary-eyed at that one."


Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

The final season of The Big Bang Theory, as well as the complete series set, are available now on digital, and on Blu-Ray and DVD on Nov. 12, so you can relive your favorite moments any time.