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Paid PostAug 19, 2013

21 Life Lessons You Can Learn From The Big Bang Theory

Isn't life crazy? No, it's not: Sheldon's mother had it tested. For your Emmy® consideration, The Big Bang Theory for Outstanding Comedy Series! To watch complete episodes, please visit

1. There is a medical difference between "crazy" and "quirky."

2. If you love someone, let them go or lock that down.

3. Everyone has a geeky side, though some are geekier than others.

4. Unrequited love sometimes gets requited.

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5. It's okay to show your emotions.

6. Ditch the drama or pick up an instrument.

7. A haircut can change your life.

8. No matter who you are, there's someone willing to indulge your weird side.

9. You thought you used the internet too much. Turns out you don't use it enough.

10. But there's such a thing as too far.

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11. The person who invents time travel hasn't been born yet.

12. You never played "Rock, Paper, Scissors" correctly.

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13. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.

14. There is a time and a place for "literally", and it is when something ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

15. You can't pick your friends.

16. Or who you fall in love with.

17. Everyone has moments of doubt.

18. Good manners are never overrated.

19. You can't ruin a friendship with sex.

20. Brutal honesty is still honesty.

21. Wil Wheaton is evil.

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Another thing we learned? Inexplicably, TV icon Bob Newhart has yet to win an Emmy® Award. At least there’s still hope: He has been nominated this year for his guest starring role on The Big Bang Theory. See him at work in the clip below.

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