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14 Adorable Tiny Objects That Will Make You Feel Like A Giant


1. Tiny things can be cute, and they can also make you feel like a friggin' giant. Take this tiny house, for example:

2. Or what about this adorable miniature car?

3. Is this the most adorable little Lilliputian frog that ever existed?

4. We all remember this tiny pencil from elementary school:

5. Try not to say "awww!" out loud while looking at this teensy-weensy lil' turtle:

6. We all know these tiny pockets, but does anybody know what they're actually for?!!!

7. If you've ever been to a birthday party at a tapas restaurant, you've probably eaten a meal that looks like this:

8. How could you possibly not fall madly in love with this tiny lil' horse?

9. Your favorite sweater + the dryer =

10. To this teeny-weeny little pupper, you actually are a giant:

11. Looking for something fun to do? Eat these tiny pizzas and imagine they're normal-size pizzas and you just have a gigantic face!

12. Regular-size crabs? Not so cute. Itty-bitty crabby-wabbies? ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.

13. Oh, look! Oh, look! A tiny book!

14. Oh, you like tiny chicks? You also like tiny dirt bikes? Then you'll be very happy to know this photo exists:

Tiny things can make you feel like a giant, but it's nothing compared to actually being one. Have a larger-than-life giant encounter when Disney's The BFG hits theaters July 1!

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