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11 Reasons Stephen Harper Is Terrible For Women Explained In GIFs

Harper is the worst. How much longer are we going to put up with this shit?

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David Lazarowych / CALGARY HERALD

I know it's hard to remember a Canada without Stephen Harper, but try to harken back to 2005. It was a simpler time. That other nice Pope was still around - not the one we have now, but the one from like two popes ago, whose picture hung in your grade school hallway. Brokeback Mountain came out and we collectively learned how cowboys can be hot and also gay. Jeans were more flared but had lower waistlines so you always felt like your pants were sliding down your ass.

2. He literally DOES NOT CARE about women's equality

According to a report issued by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canada lacks the political will to achieve equality between men and women. The report, Progress on Women’s Rights: Missing in Action, argued that gender inequality in Canada had persisted or worsened in critical areas, including violence against women.

6. He has said that the issue of thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada "isn't really high on our radar."

He refuses to open an inquest, because women of colour's bodies are completely disposable to him.

7. They cut $1 billion in childcare funding within 3 hours of being elected.

From Shit Harper Did: "Just three hours after being sworn in as prime minister, Stephen Harper announced changes to Canada's national child care program amounting to $1 billion in cuts by March 2007. The cuts disproportionately affect Canadian mothers' ability to stay in the workforce."

8. One of Harper's MPs gave two of the Queen's medals to anti-choice protestors.

These women had spent time in jail for criminally harassing people trying to access reproductive healthcare- in fact, one of them was still in jail when she was given the award. The MP who gave the women the medals described them as being similar to CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS.


9. He shut down an agency that provided women's health, training and counselling projects in 17 countries around the world.

From Shit Harper Did: Canadian human rights agency Rights & Democracy has worked internationally on issues of gender equality since 1988. The Harper Conservatives brought their legacy to an end, abandoning women's health, training and counselling projects in 17 countries abroad.

10. He cut funding to six women's health organizations

From Shit Harper Did: " He also cuts the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO), ending crucial programs on suicide prevention, maternal and infant health, diabetes and other urgent health issues."

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