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10 Things You Will Do To Procrastinate This Finals Season At Baylor

It's finals season at Baylor! Here's a list of 10 things you are likely to do this finals season. Keep procrastinating and Sic'Em!

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1. Napping

"This is only my fourth nap of the day"

2. Cooking

Those 30 second Tasty videos on Facebook are starting to make you think you are Chef Boyardee

3. Cleaning

Cleaning isn't the best but it's way better than studying bio

4. Checking Snapchat filters

Not checking what you look like with every snapchat filter would be an injustice

5. Making Snacks

Snack time is not just for kindergarteners

6. Christmas shopping

Christmas is way more important than finals anyways right?

7. Taking a social media break

People who turn their phones off while studying are overrated

8. Doodling

"I should have been an art major"

9. YouTubing

This 9 minute video about bears all of a suddens seems like a must-watch

10. Working out

Don't forget your brotein shake!

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