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13 Things That Perfectly Sum Up Life Of Instagramers

Let's talk about hipsters' favourite apps on their phone

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1. When you post on Instagram for the first time.

SoulPancake / Via


2. When you try to edit your picture. / Via

"Trust me, I am an artistse"

3. When you are waiting for likes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via

tick tock tock tick tok

4. When your crush likes your Instagram picture.

DisneyToon Studios / Via

This is a beautiful moment. I'm so happy

5. When your crush follows you. / Via


6. When someone calls you a hipster and you are too cool to react.

ESPN / Via

"No no amigo, hipsters are too mainstream for me"

7. When you accidentally like someone's picture.

Universal Pictures / Via

*scream externally*

8. When your food finally arrives but you need to post food pictures on Instagram first.

Munchies / Via

#food #instafood #yummy #foodporn #foodgasm #nom #nomnom #nomnomnom #notsomuch #cleaneating #foodie

9. When you see another selfie on your feed

KingfisherWorld / Via

"Oh god not again"

10. When you want to stalk someone on Instagram but the account is private.

3 Arts Entertainment & Hulu / Via

11. When you see your friend get so many likes.

Walt Disney Studios / Via

"Oi Oi, where did all those likes come from? "

12. When you try to post couple photos / Via

"Baby, we're gonna get a lot of likes from this"

13. And finally when you use Instagram's stories for the first time.

reddit / Via

What Snapchat?

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