That's What He Said Been livin in my white bread world as long as anyone with hot blood can. and now I found my downtown man. I'm an uptown girl.
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  • Cherie Lily Captures the Excitement of New York Drag Ball in ‘WERK’ Video

    Cherie Lily, inventor of ‘Houserobics’ and wife to rocker Andrew W.K., has a new video for us to “exercise” our eyes to. “I was inspired to write ‘WERK’ after attending my first New York City drag/vogue ball,” Lily tells “I was so overwhelmed by the creativity, attitude, vibe, characters, scene, dancing and music that I came home and wrote ‘WERK’ within 24 hours. I wanted to capture the excitement I felt at that ball. When asked about the concept of the video, Lily replies, “Since WERK is more about an attitude inspired from the New York City drag/vogue ball scene than a narrative, we wanted to get that attitude across by highlighting energetic choreography, my ‘Houserobics’-inspired costumes and by showcasing some current New York City nightlife characters from the LBGTQ scene.” Cherie Lily’s next EP will be released in 2011, and she will also be touring worldwide with husband Andrew W.K. Watch Video ›

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