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9 Everyday Products That Could Save Your Life

These products could literally mean the difference between life and death.

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1. Flame Retardant Seat

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies / Via

Flame retardant materials can actually slow down or even stop fire from spreading. This is especially important when you’re in a car or on a plane. Studies show that using flame retardant materials in car and airplane seats can literally save lives.

3. Vinegar

Gain Ridiculous Health / Via

Vinegar is much more than just a cleaning product. It can fix everything from skin infections, inflammations, and even heal burns. You can also use it to get rid of parasites from contaminated water, or to relieve a dangerously upset stomach when medical care is not close by.

4. Eyeglasses

Offgrid / Via

Although losing your glasses can definitely be a detriment to your daily survival, they can also come in unexpectedly handy when you encounter a life-threatening situation. For example, the glass in your spectacles can be used to ignite a fire and create a distress signal if you’re stranded and can’t find help.

5. Trash Bags / Via

Always helpful for containing your messes, trash bags also have a wide array of uses that may surprise you. For instance, imagine you’ve been gravely injured and are nowhere near a hospital. You can actually turn trash bags into strips for an emergency tourniquet, or even into a sturdy sling.

8. Harmonica

MusicRadar / Via

When a power outage is more than just a mere annoyance and you’re in the middle of a true catastrophic emergency, a simple harmonica can save your sanity. Studies have shown that musical tones in any form can even help relieve pain and anxiety.

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