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9 Characters You Know Too Well If You Went To Med School

You make some memorable connections in med school. Have you met all of these typical personalities?

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Doc Junior

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It seems like med schools always have several students whose parents were also doctors. From the time they were toddlers, they were sure to have a career in medicine. They’ll happily let you know how their hereditary advantage isn’t just genetic. The stuff you’re learning now? They heard it years ago from Papa. You may not have realized that medicine could be a family business, but you can expect to rub elbows with more than a couple of these dynamic MDs.

The Lucky Duck

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With every patient being different, some things just come down to chance. After a while, you notice that one guy that seems to have all the best luck. He gets the easy patients, and he gets away with everything. He finishes early, and it goes unnoticed when he shows up late. It’s hard not to be jealous, but the challenges are making you stronger, right?

The Gunner / Via

Make no mistake; the gunner is gunning for you. When you’re making the rounds on the floors, you can bet the gunner knows the vital signs for everyone else’s patients. When anyone else slips up or draws a blank, he’s there with the correct answer in a snap. When he talks about how much he has studied and how many extra books he read, it’s best to just tune it out.

The Outsider

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Your hospital will often have med students from other local schools and overseas. Insecure med students tend to assume that the outsiders are less prepared or lazy. Students from different schools tend to segregate themselves in lectures and at lunch, and there will even be rumors of stereotypes about the different schools. If everyone else seems to be from a different school, then the outsider might be you.

Just the Bear Necessities

Wounderlander / Via

Some med students seem to live like Baloo, the bear in The Jungle Book. They go through med school like they’re on vacation, at least when compared to their classmates. Their electives might be in dermatology or radiology, and they never seem to draw the short straw with any placement. They tend to work just as little as possible, and sometimes it’s hard to see the downside of that approach.

The Angry Beauty Queen

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She’s gorgeous with a great body, and she has always wanted to be a doctor. But people can’t seem to take her seriously because of her appearance. They might genuinely think she meant to say “nurse.” Or, they might think it’s a compliment to say she’d be a great pharmaceutical rep. Either way, she’s tired of not being taken seriously, and it’s hard to blame her.

The Pollyanna

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Some people are just way too perky and optimistic. Hasn’t anyone told you that med school is a miserable crucible? The Pollyanna always has words of encouragement, but the constant positivity eventually gets pretty grating. Everyone else wants to bond by venting about the latest assignments, but this one med student just has to try to say something positive.

Your Single Serving Friend

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When you come out of the rotation shuffle, sometimes you get lucky. You get paired with a new person who seems like the ying to your yang, whether it’s a matter of swapping puns or helping each other keep up. This seems like the start of a beautiful friendship, and you plan on hanging out more in the future, but somehow schedules don’t align. After the next rotation begins, it’s never quite the same.

Your BFF (For Real)

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Sure, a lot of the connections you make are temporary. The impressions they made might stick with you (like that tender moment between the elderly couple), but ultimately everyone is mainly focused on their own patients and getting through. Once or twice during med school, however, you meet someone who is unbalanced in the same ways as you. Sure, hanging out in real life won’t be the same as spending 80 hours a week together in a hospital, but some connections survive that transition. Even if you go on to internships in different parts of the country, these are the friends you keep from med school.

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