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13 Christmas Gifts for the Savvy Summer Traveler in Your Life

It can be difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift for the savvy summer traveler in your life. These 13 ideas are the perfect solution.

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1. Quick Drying Travel Towel

Amazon / Via

Summertime and towels go together like peanut butter and jelly. A quick drying travel towel will take the savvy summer traveler to the beach or pool and back again with its quick-drying properties.

5. Lightweight Mesh Bag

The Line / Via

Continuing with the organizational theme, a roomy and lightweight mesh bag that takes up zero room in a suitcase is perfect for the spontaneous beach trip, or even a great gift for local farmer’s market visitors.

7. Phone Case Charger

PC Advisor / Via

Sure to be one of the most popular gifts for any traveler, this phone case includes a built-in charger, and will cure any blues that occur when a cell phone dies at the most inopportune moment. For example, after a two-hour climb to the top of a mountain.

8. Super Camera Phone Lens

The Verge / Via

To make a phone even more multi-purpose, this Moment Superfish Lens will turn a smartphone camera into a super high-quality option for all the beautiful beach moments of the summer. Photographer friends will love it!

9. Kindle Paperwhite

Pack of Peanuts / Via

Of all the gear needed for summer traveling, if you know a fan of beach reading, this one could be the most critical. Take the Kindle Paperwhite to the beach and have thousands of books at your fingertips without having to pack any extra weight.

11. Headlamp

Walmart / Via

Perfect for when an emergency arises on the road and much more practical than a heavy and clunky flashlight, a headlamp can save a summertime traveler who unexpectedly gets stranded. Pick your friend’s favorite color to make it personal.

12. Universal Cord Organizer

Your one stop shop / Via

Because earphones and other gadgets that require cords are an essential for almost everyone you know, it’s important to keep them together when traveling. A cord organizer is the perfect solution.

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