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12 Reasons Elephant Mascots Are 'Ella Phantastic

Elephants are simply the best mascot choice possible. You already know it’s true, but here are 12 extra reasons.

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4. Elephants Steal the Show

Loren Grush at The Verge / Via

When the circus comes to town, nobody’s favorite is the clown. The biggest performers are often the most popular attraction in a big top show.

5. They Have Built-In Snorkels

Jeff Yonover / Via

This kind of upgrade costs extra on a Range Rover. Elephants are born with the special ability to pursue victory by sea and by land. Yes, they also swim.

7. Size Matters

Ian Dickinson at Earth Touch News / Via

Whether you’re a defensive lineman or a car on a driving safari, tonnage counts. As the largest mammals on land, these beasts command more than a little respect.

8. Their Skin Is an Inch Thick

Bobby Model, National Geographic Creative / Via

With skin an inch thick, elephants aren’t likely to take offense at silly social media posts. Actually, the thick, wrinkly skin helps the giant animals retain moisture in hot weather.

9. They're All Ears

ElephantVoices / Via

The thin flesh of the ear contains a dense network of blood vessels, cooling the blood as ears flap in the air. Thanks to the cooling effect of these ears, elephants are their own biggest fans.

10. They Protect Their Young

David Yarrow Photography / Via

Using a circle of adults, prides protect their youngest members in the center. Strategy and teamwork are hallmarks of an inspirational mascot.

11. They Follow a Matriarch

Paul Michaels / Via

Too many mascots are lone wolves and other glorified scavengers. Elephant prides are groups of females that fight against predators, not against one another. Other popular mammals tend to waste time fighting against others of their own species.

12. Elephants Can't Stop—Won't Stop

Girl Around The Bush / Via

Elephants can live for over 70 years. After those first few years, they can do pretty much do whatever they want. Who’s gonna stop a beast with 40,000 muscles in its trunk alone?

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