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11 Signs You Might Have a Spending Problem

Are you shopping online in the other browser tab? This is for you.

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1. Even Your Online Shopping Carts are Full / Via

You found all these great things online, so why not add them to the cart? It’s better than finding them again later. Sure, the “carts” on Amazon have infinite space, but you’d get some funky looks with that random collection of stuff in a real checkout line.

2. You Always Need More / Via

Spending money often starts with a need, but it’s also pretty easy to invent a need. When scarves are on sale, there’s always some shirt that would really pop with this specific pattern. Eventually, you’re not really debating a choice, just thinking of reasons to justify the inevitable purchase.

3. The Mail is for Bills

Lauchlin MacDonald / Via

Some people get letters from friends and family, but it seems like only the debt collectors have your address. If it’s not a credit card statement, then it’s a “final” notice from somebody else.

4. Brand Names are Better / Via

Some brand names are signs of reliability, but most are indicators of class and status. Most people know that Lexus is just a fancy Toyota, but that doesn’t make us less envious of the people inside luxury cars.

5. Sales are Reasons to Celebrate / Via

Do you tell all your friends about the big sales coming up? Do you start getting excited weeks in advance of being able to buy expensive things for slightly less expensive prices?

6. Instant Gratification. Always. / Via

Budgeting and spending responsibly takes a lot of time. Why not just use your funds to buy the things you want right now? If your spending habits as a consumer at all resemble Cookie Monster, there might be a problem.

7. Coffee is a Necessity / Via

If you need to visit a coffee shop once or twice every day, that bill is going to add up fast. One cup of coffee doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the repetition makes it a huge financial burden.

8. There’s No Room in the Fridge / Via

If the fridge is stuffed full of food, there’s a good chance that some of the stuff has already gone bad. Maybe only a few things in the door are beyond saving, but it’s a problem when you routinely buy more from the grocery store than you can possibly eat.

9. Questionable Choices on Payday / Via

The payday check feels like a reason to party and go big. Especially if you’ve struggled to make ends meet for the past week, it can be tempting to really make it rain. Can’t imagine where all this money went last month.

10. Relying On Friends / Via

Ever have those times when you have to hit up a friend about money? After the second or third time, the friendship might start to get complicated. It’s like how everybody takes turns paying for rounds at the bar, except you haven’t bought a round in years.

11. There’s (Not) Always the Home / Via

When money is tight, homeowners have the option to tap into the equity with a second mortgage. Because there are big risks to using your home as collateral for a loan, it’s a good idea to speak with a financial advisor.

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