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11 Signs That Prove, Once and For All, You’re a True Chicagoan at Heart

Are you a true Chicagoan? Find out by checking out these 11 signs.

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1. There is only one type of pizza, and that is deep dish.

thistlebee / Via

Some people think a pizza should be flat and have sauce beneath the cheese. Those people are crazy. Deep dish is the one and only true way to eat a pizza.

2. You learned how to plan for a windy day a long time ago.


When people complain that it’s a little bit windy outside, you laugh in their faces. If you haven’t lived in the windy city, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

3. You’ve always felt this passionate about the Cubs. / Via

Being a Cubs fan is a popular thing these days. But you’ve been with them forever, even when thoughts of winning the World Series were nothing more than fantasies.

4. A hot dog isn’t a hot dog unless it comes from Portillo’s


You’ve tried to describe the food to a friend, but your words don’t do it justice. The hot dogs and sandwiches from Portillo’s are simply heavenly, and there’s no debate to be had on the subject.

5. You Know the map of Metra stations like the back of your hand


When you say you live in Chicago, you don’t necessarily “live” in Chicago. Located in the surrounding suburbs and need to get into and around the city? The Metra is your go-to form of transportation.

6. You Still Refer to the Willis Tower as the Sears Tower, and you always will


The Willis Tower you say? What’s that? Never heard of it. Oh, the Sears Tower! I didn’t hear you correctly there for a moment.

7. If you ever need to get away to Lake Michigan, you know a place to stay


Have you ever noticed that just about everyone within 100 miles of Chicago has a friend or relative who owns a cottage on Lake Michigan? You may have never seen it, but you know you could stay there if you ever decide to get away for the weekend.

8. You know just about anything can happen during Chicago’s awesome music festivals

Hurricane Festival / Via

The long winter is over and it’s finally time to relax and enjoy the great music that comes to Chicago in the summer. Or hang out with crazy festival goers in Gorilla costumes. Whatever you like to do.

9. You know these famous Chicago experiences like the back of your hand.


Every true Windy City local is familiar with these famous Chicago experiences, whether you’ve done them yourself or just suggested them a million times to visiting relatives.

10. You do not pronounce the “S” in “Illinois” and you will disregard anyone who says otherwise / Via

When somebody pronounces the “s” in “Illinois”, you cringe. It’s not something you’re used to hearing, and you know it’s wrong. If someone refuses to pronounce it the right way, you really can’t afford to have them in your life.

11. You know that, without a doubt, Chicago is the greatest city in the world

imgur / Via

From the food to the people to the sports teams and everything in between, there is something magical about this city. Whether you’ve lived here for a few months or your entire life, if you can recognize this, you’re a true Chicagoan.

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