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8 Medical Advancements Straight Out of Science Fiction

Sometimes, science fiction is like a peek into the future. It turns out, these eight medical advancements are just like their sci-fi predecessors.

Chris R. 3 months ago

Lessons The Biggest Drug Dealers In TV And Movies Taught Us

Turns out that even shows featuring the most ruthless criminals can teach us a thing or two. Now you have one more reason to justify binge-watching your favorites.

Chris R. 7 months ago

Don’t Be a Basic Bro: Avoid These 12 Bachelor Party Fails

You or a buddy getting ready to tie the knot? Say goodbye to singledom according to bro code by avoiding these 12 bachelor party fails. Hint: Think more Penthouse party, less frat house party.

Chris R. 11 months ago

Move Over Mardi Gras: 9 Reasons to Visit NOLA in the Fall

Mardi Gras is overrated. Here are nine reasons to visit New Orleans during the fall instead.

Chris R. One year ago

9 NOLA Neighborhoods That Will Give You FOMO

With delicious food and drinks, stunning architecture, and more culture than you know what to do with...why haven’t you moved to NOLA yet?

Chris R. One year ago

Sunshine State Of Mind: 12 Ways To Know You’re A True Floridian

From the panhandle to the Keys, Florida and its people are unlike anywhere else in the country. Here’s how you know you’re a true Floridian.

Chris R. One year ago

To Toke Or Not To Toke? 9 Questions to Ask Before Lighting Up in California

California’s lax laws around marijuana use have tourists and locals alike ready to light up. But not all weed use was created equal! Here’s what to know before smoking marijuana in California.

Chris R. One year ago

9 Ways to Pass as a Real New Yorker

New York, New York! It’s a wonderful town...filled with locals who roll their eyes at tourists taking selfies with the Statue of Liberty. Here are 9 ways to fit in, NYC style.

Chris R. One year ago

9 Reasons You Should Most Definitely Have Your Bachelor Party In New Orleans

When they say New Orleans has something for everyone, they’re not lying! Whether you’re looking for clubs, cigars, or the great outdoors, NOLA is the perfect place to celebrate your last days as a single man.

Chris R. One year ago

9 Things You Really Need To Know About Blue Light

Blue light is all around us, and yet it may also have a harmful long-term effect on vision. Here are nine important things to know about this potentially dangerous form of light.

Chris R. 2 years ago

9 People You Meet At NOLA Pride

NOLA Pride is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow equality-minded and fun-loving people. Here are 9 unforgettable types you can’t miss at Pride.

Chris R. 2 years ago

9 Places to Break Away From the Windy City for a Day Trip

Get away from the hustle of Chicago by visiting one of these beautiful and historic nearby destinations.

Chris R. 2 years ago

Stars N' Stripes: 9 Heroic Celebrity Veterans

The armed forces have seen their fair share of famous faces. Whether they were drafted or enlisted voluntarily, these celebrities deserve far more recognition than garnered through stage or screen.

Chris R. 2 years ago

Adulting 101: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Welcome to the land of adulthood, a place made much more bearable if you can stay on top of these 9 things.

Chris R. 2 years ago

9 Signs You Definitely Went To Rutgers

From fat sandwiches to tailgating to crime alerts, if these 9 facts are true about you, there’s no doubt you went to Rutgers.

Chris R. 2 years ago

How Luxe Is Your Lifestyle?

Are you jet setting between mansions, slumming it in a literal trash heap, or somewhere in between? This quiz can tell you.

Chris R. 2 years ago

12 Reasons Elephant Mascots Are 'Ella Phantastic

Elephants are simply the best mascot choice possible. You already know it’s true, but here are 12 extra reasons.

Chris R. 2 years ago

11 Signs You Might Have a Spending Problem

Are you shopping online in the other browser tab? This is for you.

Chris R. 2 years ago

9 Reasons Why You’ll Always Be Fonda Your Very First Honda

Your first car usually conjures up lots of memories. But if your first car was a Honda, these 9 reasons will remind you of why it was the best car you’ve ever had.

Chris R. 2 years ago

9 Characters You Know Too Well If You Went To Med School

You make some memorable connections in med school. Have you met all of these typical personalities?

Chris R. 2 years ago