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Corinne From The Bachelor Is A Lost Bluth

Corinne could nicely be described as a "character." It could be argued, though, that she is a specific character, one we know and love from Arrested Development. Strangely, at age 24 she is younger than Lindsay's actual daughter Maeby (who would be 26 years old now, a slightly more appropriate age for 36-year-old Bachelor Nick Viall), but I think it is safe to say she is the long-lost Bluth.

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1. Corinne Olympios

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What can I say about Corinne that she hasn't already gifted us? She is neither here to make friends, nor to fight over a pickle. She "runs" a multi-million dollar company with her family and loves cheese pasta.

4. Their cooking skills leave something to be desired.


How could anyone who is not a professional chef "make" cucumbers? Julia Child herself never attempted cheese pasta. Corinne's nanny, Raquel, is basically the Guy Fieri of this season of The Bachelor.

5. "You didn't even try..." “So I didn’t even fail, and I don’t see you giving me credit for that.”


She lost circulation in her hands, guys. She almost went to the hospital. Corinne did not let someone else take over the banana stand so she could shovel poopy.

8. They are not accustomed to rejection.


She had a trench coat and whipped cream. Is there a more romantic place to get better acquainted than a fountain, in public, surrounded by cameras, with Nick's other girlfriends creeping in the bushes?

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