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10 Reasons We're Totally Excited For This Season Of "The Bachelor"

You guys, this is going to be the most epic season of The Bachelor ever. Make sure you watch the two-night premiere on Sunday, Juan-uary 5th at 8|7c on ABC.

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1. The first impressions are always totally insane.

ABC / The Bachelor

On a normal date, showing up in a wedding dress or fake-pregnant would make you look psychotic. But, on The Bachelor, it means you'll probably get the first impression rose.

2. Our new boyfriend, Juan Pablo.

ABC / The Bachelor

We fell in love with him on Desiree's season. But he was gone so soon. Now he's back, looking for a stepmom for Camilla. Ay! Ay! Ay! Te queremos.

3. The house is absolutely beautiful.

ABC / The Bachelor

Why can't we have a giant fountain in our front yard? Or like 75 hammocks available for making out? The Bachelor pad is off the chain, and we get to live there in our minds for this season.

5. The women will cry about a lot of things.

ABC / The Bachelor

Love is a full-contact sport and some people are going to get hurt. Not that we WANT them to cry. But, it's pretty entertaining to watch. Bonus points for ugly cry face.

7. All. The. Drama.

ABC / The Bachelor

Last season had some amazing ladies. There is always one crazy b who is there to stir the pot. We look forward to watching it all go down. #TeamJuan4Life

8. Rooting for your favorite lady.

ABC / The Bachelor

We know what's best for Juan Pablo, don't we? If he can't be ours... we will choose our fav gal and eagerly anticipate true love!

9. Watching new friendships flourish or fail.

ABC / The Bachelor

Dating the same guy would pretty much end any friendship in real life. It's always excellent television watching these ladies navigate those choppy emotional waters.

10. Did we mention that Juan Pablo is adorable?

ABC / The Bachelor

This guy. He's just so hot, so down to earth, and he loves to have a great time. We can't wait to introduce him to our mom. Or watch him on TV or whatever.

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