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Here's Why Babywearing Dads Are The Very Best

A dad that knows how to wear a baby is a pretty perfect (and sexy!) dad!

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Babywearing is one of the most adorable (and snuggly!) ways we cuddle with our kiddies. But, there's something so very special when a dad (or two!) cozy up with their wee babies.

And if you take one look at the hashtag #babywearingdad you'll see exactly what we're talking about. Here are some of the very best of the best of those baby toting papas we just can't get enough of.

Instagram: @obichsan

This perfect dad shows his love with this expert front cross wrap carry. *chef's kiss*

Instagram: @thehansonfive

Two kidlets at the same time? Challenge accepted!

Instagram: @familiaporteadora

Talk about a gorgeous papa! Hubba Hubby *heart eyes*

Instagram: @katia1303

Beard and a ring sling? Yep, ok, that's perfection.

Instagram: @dannythebabywearingdad

Just expertly and handsomely hanging in paradise, no big.

Instagram: @dilfs_of_disneyland

Just being cute AF with an equally adorable daddybae.

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