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15 Parenting Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Sure, there's diapers and wipes, but what about those tried and true gadgets that all the experienced parents know about?

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1. A Nursing Tank

Instagram: @nakedtank

This genius invention, by Canadian company The Naked Tank, covers all the parts of your body you want to stay hidden from view while still giving you access to your nursing bra, if you're into nursing.

2. Contoured Change Pad

Instagram: @bumbo_brand_page

An ergonomic, easy to clean change pads are basically version 3.0 of the classic, soft and curved change pads of yesterday.

3. Soft Structured Carrier

Mei Tais are a traditional Chinese style baby carrier, and many brands have updated them for 2017. Canadian company Chimparoo makes affordable made-in-Canada carriers that make it easy for each parent to have their own favourite way of wearing the baby.

4. Leggings

Instagram: @olliejonesclothing

Cute, comfy and well sized, these hand made pants are the perfect lasting items. Ask for a size up and cuff these cuties. They will become a staple in your wardrobe, like these ones from Ollie Jones Clothing.

5. Fold-able Stroller

Instagram: @babyzenstrollers

A cool, collapsible stroller, like this one from BabyZen is good from birth to toddlerhood, and folds up small enough to wear like a backpack. Perfect for condo living or the family on the move.

6. A Stretchy Wrap

Instagram: @milksnob

Stretchy wraps are amazing for newborns. They keep your baby cuddled close, and cozy while saving your back from pain. Plus, they come in amazing colours

7. Art Supplies For Older Siblings

Instagram: @jaqjaqbirdcanada

Not your first rodeo? It's a good idea to get something to keep your toddler (s) distracted so you can tend to your newborn. Stuff like this dust free, smudge free chalk from Jaq Jaq Bird makes a perfect big sibling gift.

8. Breastfeeding Friendly Nursing Bra

Instagram: @cadenshae

Even if you aren't a fitness person, having good support while nursing is key. Bras like this one from CadenShae are perfect for nursing, working out, or lazy Sundays.

9. A Multi-Use Night Light

Instagram: @thegrocompany

A multipurpose toy, like this night light plush from The Gro Company is an excellent buy one and keep down on the dreaded toy clutter.

10. A Bench/Step Stool

Instagram: @the_nicebench_co

You may not need it right away, but a bench/step stool all-in-one is perfect. And like this one, hand made by "Kidpreneur" Owen, you'll be donating money to charity, too!

11. A Nursing Pillow

Instagram: @gbmaternity

There are so many nursing pillow options, that you really can't go wrong as long as you find it comfortable. But with companies like G&B Maternity reinventing the OG boomerang style nursing pillow, this is a must-have that you won't regret.

12. A Lovey

Instagram: @grow_fernie

Not interested in bright lights in the nursery, but still want something cuddly? The Lulla Doll by RoRo is a super cool Icelandic invention that mimics cosleeping, but can clip on the side of the crib, leaving the baby safe to snooze.

13. A Car Seat You'll Love

Instagram: @dionousa

Something that goes from newborn to school age is a *must*, so why not buy the best right out of the gate. Diono makes a car seat that's perfect for travel, fits in any car (three across in a sedan, even!) and look stylish. What could be better?

14. A High Chair You'll Want To Keep

Instagram: @dearbornbabydotcom

Talk about fashion! Stokke is the brand that really reinvented the high chair, and even though the price is high, if you can manage to get your hands on one, your babe will use it from 6 months to 6 years or more!

15. Soothers

Instagram: @hipmommies

Even though not all babies take a soother, it's good to have some on hand. And if you're just *a bit* worried about germs, these cool, new soothers from Doddle & Co keep them clean even if the baby spits them out!

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