15 Occasions When A Hero May Have Been Helpful

Everyday life can be so strange sometimes. Wouldn’t things be better with some heroic intervention to minimize the madness? Here are a few instances where someone with even the most basic superpower could have made a huge difference. Inspired by Seth Meyers’ new original animated series The Awesomes, only on Hulu.

1. To swoop in when the natives decided to stage a revolt.

2. When the holy spirit was indefensible to someone's sweet tooth.

3. When karma happened to play its hand for how ridiculously huge of a wedding party you had.

4. To man the door when unexpected guests decided to crash your party.

5. To protect you from the wrath of breaking into someone's coveted stash.

6. When being gluten-free wasn't a "thing" and carbs could be loved a bit too freely.

7. To save you from yourself when you're desperate to get hot new technology at a discount.

8. To bail you out when the walking directions on your GPS lead you astray.

9. When someone needs a clear cut signal that they might be forgetting something before pulling out of their parking space.

Courtesy of Candice Jones

10. When the words "OOPS WRONG NUMBER" just won't be enough to save you.

11. To confront you about questionable flavor combinations BEFORE making already-questionable purchases.

12. To shout the words "HEADS UP" in an unexpected food or tile fight.

Courtesy of Jessi Baker

13. If you get the loves of your life a little bit confused.

14. To protect you from the aftermath of deciding to leave mom at home while looking for your new wheels.

15. When you couldn't get your peace and quiet on that outbound flight.

If life's getting you down, laugh with The Awesomes starting August 1st on Hulu.

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