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13 Of The Greatest Times SNL Cast Members Totally Lost It

Sometimes even the professionals are totally powerless to laughter. Not even their sketch partners can save them! Though if you need a hero, there's a whole new pack coming to you from the talented halls of SNL and the brain of Seth Meyers – The Awesomes! Premiering August 1st, only on Hulu.

1. When these parents just needed someone like Matt Foley to teach their kids a lesson or two.

2. When someone was stupid, but the joke wasn't actually on her.

3. When Jonathan and Rebecca made another new friend with his own anime specialty.

4. This classic date, where only kissing could stop the giggles.

5. When the prize presentation was more important than the game being played.

6. When this nice young lady was just trying to do some shopping.

7. This particular time the lovahs tried to make new friends.

8. When the pet at this cocktail party was hungrier than everyone anticipated.

9. When these boutique employees needed to take a short phone call.

10. When truth and fiction got totally confused on this special edition of Scared Straight.

11. When Little Brother Gibb almost had something to add. But didn't.

12. When this family was just trying to have a nice breakfast before hitting the park.

13. When more cowbell was never enough cowbell.

Check out The Awesomes starting August 1st on Hulu – guaranteed to make you totally lose it, too.

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